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House Inspection – What does it mean and when is it necessary?

Mivnim is an engineering company that offers house inspections and engineering services to its clients. The CEO of the company, Yogev Peled, is a civil engineer graduate from the exclusive Drexel University of Philadelphia, and has extended knowledge and experience from many years in the engineering field as well as being an expert witness of construction defects in Israeli courts.

With the development of the construction and real estate fields over the years, the basic need to inspect houses and buildings arose. Think for a brief moment of all the “inspections" you do on a daily basis before purchasing something, especially the big purchases. Before buying a car, you check to make sure nothing major is wrong. Before booking a place for a special occasion, you taste the food, sometimes even visit during busy hours so you can see it in action. If so, there is no doubt that the biggest purchase in a person's life should, of course, be carefully inspected by an expert.

At Mivnim, we understand the amount of trouble that arises when defects are discovered in a person's house. It can take up your time and create unnecessary anxiety, especially because most of us don't really understand it. That is where we step in, to give our clients personal legal advice while addressing the contractor.

Our goal is to give our clients the most professional and reliable service possible, without any compromises.

A house inspection can offer you the peace and quiet you need when entering a new home. During the inspection, the engineer will track sealing defects, structural dampness, leaks, plumbing defects, electricity problems, defects in flooring and cover tiles, and will generally review every part of the building's construction.

The inspection's findings will be sent to the client in a detailed report, including explanation about each defect found in the house, the standard it's based on, the cost of repairing it and photos showing the defect, taken during the inspection.

Our services include :

  1. House inspections for new and old houses
  2. Inspections made exclusively by professional engineers
  3. Professional opinions that are admissible in court
  4. The most updated professional equipment
  5. Fast professional response for every question

Call us and book an inspection – +972-77-7922622
Consultation calls are free of charge.

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